Distinguished Service Award Winner: Mary Moss ‘Exemplifies all that is Good about Lapeer Community Schools’

Mary Moss

Mary Moss, who had spent nearly two decades in the District working in various secretarial positions, including the Secretary in Charge at Lapeer East High School, was ready for a new challenge. That was almost three years ago.

After her first day at the new job, she wondered if she had made a big mistake. This, after all, was a very different sort of gig that was unlike anything she ever experienced.

Mary took over the reins of the District’s top secretarial post from Karen Rowden, who had served as the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education for 17 years. Karen was a fixture in the District and, to borrow the famous phrase, wore some very big shoes.

“I can only imagine how Mary must have felt coming into this new job as Karen was having a retirement tour that would make Derek Jeter blush,” one colleague said. “Even so, she quickly settled into a job that is very different from any she has had in her many years with the District.”

Mary spent a few days second-guessing her decision before adjusting fully to the very different nature of her new gig. Soon she felt right at home and has since become a trusted friend and a dedicated servant of the public, as she has always been.

Her colleagues who worked alongside her at the Center for Innovation, her last stop before coming to the administration building, all raved about Mary’s disposition with students.

“Students are drawn to her,” one noted. “She has always had a special ability to build mutual respect with students.”

Others talked about her deft handling of very difficult situations that can arise at a moment’s notice in the public school environment.

“I have personally watched Mary handle tough situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact,” one colleague said.

“During her time at CFI, she often played the role of de facto principal because of her leadership qualities and steady hands,” another added.

Mary brought those skills to the administration building and has been an incredible asset to the District’s Central Office Leadership Team (COLT) ever since.

One former colleague, who went on to become a superintendent himself, said he was elated to hear that Mary had been promoted to her current position.

“I have a much stronger sense now of the critical nature of that position,” he said. “Knowing her skillset, I have every confidence that Mr. Wandrie and the Board of Education are in good hands.”

A teacher, who worked with Mary for years at CFI, put it best: “Mary exemplifies all that is good about Lapeer Community Schools and deserves to be honored in this way.”

For her years of distinguished service to the students and staff of Lapeer Community Schools, we recognize Mary Moss. Thank you, Mary!

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