2020 Distinguished Service Award Winner: Michon Periso has ‘Vision and Drive’

At the genesis of any successful program, in any arena, you’ll find someone with a passion and drive to see their vision brought into being.

Michon Periso sees it every time she walks through the doors at the Lapeer Homeschool Partnership.

For the past six years, Michon has been the Director of the District’s partnership with the homeschool community in our region. She has been instrumental in building what has become one of the state’s model partnerships between public schools and the homeschool community.

She will never tell you how much she has done to create a vibrant, growing community at the Partnership but, thankfully, you can ask anyone there and they will tell you.

And sometimes you don’t even have to ask.

One colleague recalled a visit to the Partnership and an encounter with a woman who didn’t need to be asked.

“She volunteered to share with me how much Michon had done for her and her family,” he said. “In mere seconds, she was in tears.”

Indeed, Michon’s imprint is on every square inch of the Partnership.

“The vision for this program came from her imagination and her heart,” one colleague said. “She built the program from nothing to its success today.”

Another colleague noted how Michon has personally enrolled every family that has chosen the Partnership. This is when the relationship starts.

“Michon has such a friendly, welcoming personality that she makes everyone feel welcome and important when she visits with them,” she said.

The program now facilitates teaching and learning for hundreds of students from all over the region — some from up to an hour away.. Michon, who is always quick to brush off acclaim, insists the success of the Partnership is all about the culture of support and the limitless opportunities for students.

“I wish this program was around when I was homeschooling my kids,” she likes to say.

Over the years Michon, as one colleague noted, has served as the program’s director, secretary, event planner, custodian and athletic director — and often at the same time.

“Her job is never done, and she’s always putting in more time and effort than she is credited for,” she said.

Another colleague talked about the obstacles that Michon had to overcome in order to build the program as it exists today. Her passion and persistence always prevailed.

“She deserves this,” she said. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this school, staff and administration believe in her and care for her the way she does for us.”

Michon has been a tireless advocate and honest broker from day one, when she offered the District’s fledging program instant credibility. She was well-versed in the needs and desires of the homeschool community and she recognized the opportunities the Partnership could make possible for students.

Many families got over their unease with this unique opportunity on little more than Michon’s word as a former homeschool mom who cares deeply about education.

For her generous service to Lapeer Community Schools, we offer this well-deserved recognition for Michon Periso.

Thank you!

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