Retiree Tribute: Renee Nugent ‘worked tirelessly’ for her students

Renee Nugent

Written by Bob Downey

Renee Nugent has seen a lot of change in the District during her 25-year career, but her commitment to her students and our schools has never wavered.

Renee earned her teaching degree and a pair of master’s degrees from Oakland University and spent her first year as a teacher at Irwin Elementary in Lapeer. After that, she found a home at Murphy Elementary where she stayed for 24 years.

Renee always had high expectations for her students and worked tirelessly to provide them with an exceptional experience inside and outside the classroom. During her time at Murphy, Renee organized many events included dances, spelling bees and 5th grade graduation celebrations. She volunteered at golf outings, reading nights, in the bookmobile and even hosted teachers from other countries.

Renee was tough, but when the kids moved on they were ready.

She loves it when former students come back to visit to let her know about all their accomplishments. The greatest reward a teacher ever receives is hearing that all the hard work from students, teachers, and parents, has paid off. There is no greater satisfaction.

Renee will miss the Murphy community which was more like a family to her. She is looking forward to spending her time gardening, working with the Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue, traveling and enjoying time with her family.

Congratulations to Renee for her time well spent as an educator. We wish you all the happiness the world has to offer in retirement.

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5 thoughts on “Retiree Tribute: Renee Nugent ‘worked tirelessly’ for her students

  1. It has been so wonderful working with you at Murphy Renee. It was always a pleasure to talk to parents about the “mean” teacher, lol. I would always ask, do you want your child ready for middle school because if you do you want Renee? Yes you were tough but also kind and most of the kids ended up loving you. You definitely made a huge impact on many student’s lives. Enjoy every minute of your retirement, you deserve it. Murphy staff will miss you very much.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Renee! It was wonderful spending most of my teaching career with you at Murphy. I wish you many blessings as you take this next step into retirement. Trust me, you’ll LOVE it!
    God bless you, friend!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Renee!!! I pray God’s richest blessings on you as you enter retirement. Trust me, you’ll LOVE it!
    Denise Beachum

  4. It has been my great pleasure working with you all theses years. I will never forget all the stories of the explorers you have shared. I learned just as much or even more in your classroom. Good luck on your new adventures. I will miss you dearly.
    Vicky Gaylor

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