Retiree Tribute: Pam Werner Reached Students ‘at a Level that Many Educators Aspire to’

Pam Werner

Written by Jeff Stanton

I’m very happy and proud to honor Pam Werner on her retirement from Lapeer Community Schools. Although I have only known Pam for one year at Zemmer, her commitment to students, and the positive attitude she possesses, was apparent early on.  

Pam has been an integral part of the Cognitively Impaired Program at Zemmer and has always been extremely flexible and willing with all of her duties. To me, her most outstanding attribute is her ability to build relationships with her students.

Every day at about 7:10 AM when I would leave the office to be in the hallways before school, one of her students (Angie) would greet me with a, “where is Mrs. Werner?” Although the answer was always the same (“Oh she doesn’t get here until 7:15, Angie”) this student would nonetheless be there waiting for her every day.

This is one small sample of the impact she had on students, but the overall theme with all of them was the same. Whether it was sharing Disney stories or reaching students with different types of humor, she was always able to reach them at a level that many educators aspire to get to.  Furthermore, Pam was a tremendous asset to have with the staff.  She always showed up to work with a smile on her face and greeted everyone with an enthusiastic “good morning.” The type of attitude is infectious and will most definitely be missed. 

All the best to you in retirement, Pam! You will be missed.

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