Retiree Tribute: Kathy Hayes was ‘Born to be a Teacher’

Kathy Hayes

Written by Doug Lindsay

In 2009, Kathy Hayes was recognized by the District with the Distinguished Educator Award. In her tribute for that award, one line that stands out is as true today as it was more than a decade ago: “Kathy was definitely born to be a teacher.”

With her retirement this year, Lapeer loses one of the best we have. Over a long and successful career, her passion for math education has never waned.

Kathy utilizes her skills and experience to ensure her students understand the content but, more importantly, that she is there to support them on their educational journey. If a student is struggling to grasp a concept, she meticulously combs through her resources to find a way to help them. Never too shy to share what she thinks, she consistently seeks ways to make Lapeer High School a better place for students and staff.

Her service to the District has been exemplary and her impact on her students and colleagues will last for years to come.

Congratulations on your retirement, Kathy!

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