Retiree Tribute: Lani Ward has a ‘Passion for Teaching’

Lani Ward (Editor’ s note: No, the old goat on the left is NOT Nick.)

Written By Wyatt Stevens

Lani Ward was hired as a new teacher by the great Jon Nugent, back in 1989, and spent the first part of her teaching career in the elementary realm before she became hooked into middle school.

Since then, she has spent her time teaching primarily technology-based courses, which surprisingly correlates with her husband, Nick, the District’s very own Supervisor of Technology.

The rumor is that after years of refusing to ask him for tech support, some unsavory content showing up on students’ computers forced her to ask him for assistance — and they’ve been together ever since.

Through her many years of service to all the students in the District, she has had four students that she still stays in close touch with — this includes both of her children and Nick’s two as well!

Lani has a passion for teaching and an incredible personality tailored to students of all ages. She brings a positive energy into every situation and is beloved by students and staff alike.

We wish Lani the best in retirement with Nick who, coincidentally, is also riding off into the sunset this year.

Aloha, Lani!

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One thought on “Retiree Tribute: Lani Ward has a ‘Passion for Teaching’

  1. Congratulations, Lani! How exciting! Time sure flies! I remember you as a student teacher at Irwin! You enjoyed your 3rd graders and they enjoyed YOU! Your mom was so proud of you!
    Enjoy your new path… take time for yourself and enjoy your years exploring life with Nick! Best wishes!

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