Retiree Tribute: Lisa Loachridge, a ‘Principal’s Dream’

Lisa Loachridge, right, with her sister, Terry.

Written By Jeff Stanton

It is with great pleasure I write this tribute to Lisa Loachridge as she retires from her many years of service for Lapeer Community Schools.  I was lucky enough to be Lisa’s principal at Rolland-Warner for a few years and at Zemmer this past year. She served both the roles of Special Education teacher as well as the teacher for our Cognitively Impaired Program.  

While there are several qualities that stand out, Lisa’s greatest attribute is her dedication to her students and their families. I had countless conversations with parents over the last few years about how genuine and caring she is and how dedicated she is to their child’s education. Lisa is always willing to let students join her classroom whenever they need it.

I have seen her develop relationships with some of our most challenging students. Her willingness to go out of her way to make sure they are supported is truly outstanding. It would not be uncommon for Lisa to make trips on her own time to students’ homes if it was needed, and she was available at all hours of the night to help parents with any concerns they may have had.  

As a staff member, Lisa was very well liked and appreciated by all. She was always flexible with her schedules and would do whatever it took to accommodate teachers’ needs as well as the needs of her students.  Lisa was a principal’s dream as well with her desire to improve whenever possible.  She was always very accepting of any feedback and just wanted to “get better” as a teacher, even after 25 years. Her character, generosity, and outstanding contributions to the schools will be sincerely missed by staff and students alike. 

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2 thoughts on “Retiree Tribute: Lisa Loachridge, a ‘Principal’s Dream’

  1. A smart man who appreciates how truly outstanding a person and teacher my friend is. Lisa, I hope you enjoy retirement as much as I do for many many years. You deserve the very best because you are the very best. Love you my friend. Congratulations!

  2. Lisa is a stand out teacher! My oldest started with her at Seaton Elementary and my youngest is finishing with her this year at Zemmer. So sad to see her go but I know we will chat often! I feel like she is a part of the family. My youngest daughter would not have grown and learned as much as she has without her!

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