LHP student featured in Lapeer County Press

Alyssa Corlew, 10, of Marlette and her mother, DeeDee Corlew, work through one of her lessons at the Lapeer Homeschool Partnership.

Alex Petrie, of the Lapeer County Press, wrote a great feature about Alyssa Corlew, a 10-year-old student at the Lapeer Homeschool Partnership at the Cramton Campus. Alyssa is one of many success stories in the District tied to innovation, to creative ways to rethink education to meet the needs of our families.

If you would like to learn more about the program, contact Michon Periso, LHP Director, at mperiso@lapeerschools.org.

The full article can be read here or in the print version of the County Press:

LAPEER — Alyssa smiled as she pressed play on the touch-screen computer and began her math lesson for the day. Mrs. Triggle appeared onscreen and began explaining different methods of subtraction.

Alyssa sat and listened to the video intently as her mom explained the long road of trials and frustration that’s now behind them. Alyssa Corlew, 10, of Marlette, has suffered from debilitating seizures almost all of her life, which led to her being pulled out of school when she was about 5 years old…

Because of the program, which DeeDee called “the best (they’ve) tried so far,” Alyssa has been able to get back on track with her schooling, progressing a full grade just since September.

“Just think about what would have happened in the past with a student like Alyssa,” said Field. “I mean, compared with what’s possible now.”

So what does Alyssa think of the program, having two teachers and a full course load? She paused her math program and smiled.

“I love it,” she said.

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