Lapeer Community Schools recalls nearly all laid-off employees

logo no wordsLapeer Community Schools is pleased to announce it has recalled 91 percent of the teachers who were laid off over the summer. Of the 22 teachers who were laid off, 20 have been recalled; the other two positions require specialized certifications. In addition, every effective paraprofessional who was laid off has been called back.

LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie said the District’s proactive approach to dealing with declining enrollment is already paying off.

“In an era of declining enrollment, still the stark reality for a majority of school districts in Michigan, our district has doubled down on innovation,” Wandrie said. “It’s difficult when the only answer to rectify budget shortfalls is to lay off staff. That is not a position we are accustomed to being in.”

Wandrie said the District is now in a position, at least in the short term, to be in a hiring mode.

“We couldn’t be happier that the programs we put in place are not only retaining current students but attracting others,” Wandrie said.

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