LHS cafeteria is really cookin’: service station lines shorter, faster in week two

cafeteria shotAs many of you know, we totally revamped the cafeteria at Lapeer High School over the summer. The space looks much different now than it did a few months ago — new lightning lighting, service stations, tables, chairs, video monitors, etc.

During the first week of school, our food service staff and students did an awesome job adjusting to the new surroundings. On Monday, Food Service Director Scott Smith monitored all the service station lines in the cafeteria. We are pleased to report that the cafeteria is firing on all cylinders. There’s plenty of space, plenty of time and plenty of food!

Thank you Mr. Smith and staff!

LHS Start/end times per station
#1 #2 #3 #4
10:51-11:09 11:10-11:28 11:29-11:48 11:49-12:13  
20 minutes 18 minutes 19 minutes 24 minutes
Last Student through line
Play Bowls
inside 11:03 11:20 11:40 11:59
outside 11:02 11:18 11:41 11:58
Wild Greens 11:00 11:16 11:35 12:00
inside 11:01 11:18 11:37 11:57
outside 11:00 11:19 11:33 11:54
Ready-Set -Deli 11:05 11:22 11:38 12:00
line time
most 14 minutes 12 minutes 11 minutes 11 minutes
least 9 minutes 6 minutes 6 minutes 5 minutes
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