Please read: Updated exam schedule for week of March 17

After further consideration, LCS has determined that Monday and Tuesday (March 17-18) will be half days for all high school students at Lapeer East, Lapeer West, and Community High due to the remaining trimester II exams, as well as the state-required MME Day One make-up day on Tuesday.

Middle schools and elementary schools will run as normal with their traditional schedule.

These are important exams for our students, and we want them to be in position to do their very best on these assessments, as they have a great impact on their GPA as well as on the ACT.

This is a change from yesterday’s announcement that Monday and Tuesday would be full days.  So, again, Monday, and Tuesday will be half days for high school students so they can have proper time to plan for their trimester II exams and MME make-up testing.

Trimester III courses will begin on Wednesday.   That day, Ed Tech students from all three schools will resume their attendance.   There will be no Ed Tech sessions Monday or Tuesday.

Monday’s exams will be for 2nd and 3rd hours.  Tuesday’s exams will be for 4th and 5th hours.

If your child has Ed Tech during these times, they do not need to report, or they can go to the library for the time period.   There will be no Ed Tech class sessions on Monday or Tuesday – due to the exam schedule for AM or PM students.

Likewise, there will be no DEEP classes on Monday and Tuesday.  Students may leave for the day, or report to the library if in the building for the fifth hour period on Tuesday.

8th grade Springboard students should plan to attend their 2nd hour exams on Monday – which will be during the 1st and 2nd hours.  They will then be transferred to their respective middle schools.  On Tuesday, there will be no Springboard classes at the high school for 8th grade students due to the remaining exam sessions.  The 8th grade Springboard students should report to their middle school library during this time.

We will resume on Wednesday with the normal class sessions once the exams are complete.

Again, despite a very challenging winter, we believe this change to the scheduling will position our students to do their very best on exams and state testing.   We apologize for any confusion.

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