Seventh grader Hunter Smith is the first PaySchools contest winner

Rolland-Warner Middle School seventh grader Hunter Smith.
Rolland-Warner Middle School seventh grader Hunter Smith, pictured with principal Jen Taylor.

Hunter Smith, a seventh grader at Rolland-Warner Middle School, is the first winner of our PaySchools monthly drawing. Hunter received a $20.00 gift card for Wal-Mart.

For all new PaySchools enrollees, your student will receive a one-time stipend of five (5) free meal credits upon initial deposit of a minimum of $25.00 per student for joining the program.


Five meal credits equal:  elementary $11.25; middle school $12.50; high school $13.75.


After one month in the program, all new students enrolled in PaySchools, who make a minimum deposit of $25.00 per month, per student, will receive a credit of two (2) free meals.


For every $25.00 deposit made per student, each month, your student will be entered into our monthly Grand Prize drawing.  The more money you deposit into PaySchools, the more entries your student will receive into the contest.


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