Rolland-Warner students get high marks at Junior High Solo & Ensemble

Saturday, 27 Rolland-Warner Middle School students participated in Junior High Solo & Ensemble at North Branch High School.  All the students did a great job and every student who competed for a rating came home with a medal!  We had 16 students earn first division ratings and a blue medal; ten students earned second division ratings and a red medal.

If you know any of these students, please congratulate them on their outstanding participation over the weekend:

Isabella Mirza, Vonna Blauet, Chandler Sheatzley, Kaylee Elkins, Yvelise Soto, Kole Klebba, Miranda Shelly, Kara Morris, Katie Barker, Hayley Hodges, Lukas Williams, McKenzie Lange, Tiffany Lamphier, Michayla Rose, Brenden Hall, Samantha Ignash, Anne Tunison, Mason Wnuk, Anna Fischer, Joseph Schultz, Ashlynne Patterson, Lydia Bontrager, Madyson Aguinaga, Samantha Sparks, Cole Silva, Myra Duffano, Lindsey Shires, Maxx Miracle-Atwell, and Madelyn Taormina. 

Thanks for your continued support for our band students!

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