Zemmer Middle School to hold Penny War to support families in need

pennies-2Starting Monday, the students and staff at Zemmer Middle School in Lapeer will be participating in the second annual Penny War to raise money to support needy families in its school community. Last year, the week-long event raised more than $4,000 to help families during the holiday season.

The iConnect classes at the school will be competing against one another to see which class can bring in the most pennies. To win the “war,” students gather up as many silver coins and dollar bills as they can and deliver them, a sort of friendly fire, to other classrooms. Donating dollars and other coinage amounts negatively impacts the class total, so the class with the most pennies wins the war.

“The Penny War has proven to be a valuable experience for our students,” said Rachel Henderson, a counselor at Zemmer. “They thrive off of the friendly competition and have fun while strategizing and sabotaging other classrooms.”

If the students raise more money than last year, Zemmer’s principals Matt Olson and Joe Shoopman have agreed to be embarrassed publicly in a manner to be determined by a vote of the student.

“I have been so impressed with the level of generosity our school has shown,” Henderson said. “This has been a positive activity that really unites our entire school community.”

For more information on the Penny War at Zemmer, contact Rachel Henderson at (810) 667-2413 x3409 or Lauren Daley at extension 3410.

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