Lapeer West World Language Program seeking host families

The Lapeer West World Language Program is looking for host families for the month of July. They have two French boys and two Spanish boys who are looking for placements. These kids are looking for average Midwest families in order to have the opportunity to practice English and to experience our culture. If interested, contact Jeanine LeMieux at jlemieux@lapeerschools.orgor at 810-441-2817.

The students:

Nikola Rebaldes, 15, from Spain (June 25-July 29) He likes basketball, swimming, being with friends, snow skiing, and camping. He has a younger brother and sister. He spent last summer in Milwaukie.  His English skills are super.

Jose Royo, 17 from Spain. (June 24-July 29) He likes basketball, soccer, swimming, windsurfing, movies, going out with friends, computer games, reading, music,  camping and speaking English.

Jeremy Febvre, 17 from France (July 7-28) He likes swimming, going out with friends, photography and music. Speaks English very well.

Alexis Fairier, turns 16 in July from France (July 7-28). He has 2 sisters. He likes to play handball and tennis. Plays the piano and has excellent English skills.



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