Lynch Elementary celebrates reading, writing with Kindergarten class

Nicole Schons has Lynch Elementary’s youngest students excited about reading and writing.

On Thursday afternoon, Nicole Schons’ classroom at Lynch Elementary was full of excitement as Kindergarten students had the opportunity to showcase the amazing strides they’ve made in reading and writing this school year.

Schons actually planned five days for parents to be able to come in to watch their child perform in a “reader’s theater” and share one of their own pieces of writing. There are two more days this school year for parents to participate: June 4-5 from 2:15 until 2:45 p.m.

Schons has demonstrated not only her passion for celebrating student successes, but also her focus on the best practices of teaching reading and writing to young people. Currently, she has four students reading at a level 16 — a truly extraordinary feat.

Click here to check out photos from Thursday’s event.

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