Schickler Elementary is serious about reading and writing

A Schickler Elementary student spends some time reading in the Trading Post during recess on Monday.

Schickler Elementary School students have been enjoying a new perk at the school in recent days. A small room in the north end of the building has been transformed into an old-fashioned trading post for serious readers.

The sign in front of Schickler’s “Trading Post” sums it up: “Bring a book, take a book — everyone wins.”

Not only can students swap one book for another, there’s also a place for them to read before school, during recess and after school. This is just one example of how Schickler Elementary promotes language skills for its students. Another sits right across the hall in the media center. This week, the media center has been transformed for the annual book fair. Students can by inexpensive books, posters and other material for themselves or as gifts.

(And when I say transformed, I mean it. It looks like an honest-to-goodness bookstore in there.)

In the main hallway, the work of Schickler’s student authors is featured prominently. Each month, student writers from every grade have the opportunity to have their work showcased in front of the entire school. This is a great way to get students excited about writing.

Finally, all K-2 classrooms at Schickler have been using Apple iPads to help students with skill development, including reading comprehension and word association. Schickler Principal Ken Janczarek selected several students to show Board of Education members some of the powerful learning applications available to students using the grant-funded devices at a meeting earlier this month. Schickler is a great example of how technology in the classroom can make learning fun.

Schickler Elementary students and staff are serious about reading and writing. Keep up the great work!

— Jared Field

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