Impressive group of students at Rolland-Warner receives top marks for citizenship

Pictured are Rolland-Warner Middle School's outstanding citizens.
As part of Rolland-Warner Middle School’s overall school improvement goal, students earn a citizenship grade in each class every trimester in an effort to encourage positive behaviors such as showing respect, contributing in class, being timely with attendance, being prepared, and cooperating with others in the classroom setting.

In the first trimester, 30 students earned the highest mark of “outstanding” in all seven of their classes for the trimester.

For second semester, that number ballooned to 79!

Students received “Rolland-Warner Outstanding Citizen” back packs to recognize their efforts. Jen Taylor, assistant principal at Rolland-Warner, said she was excited about the dramatic increase in the number of students receiving the highest mark for citizenship.

Awesome job!

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