Letter to Parents: December 2, 2021

Parents –

As you know, many school districts in southeastern Michigan have been dealing with an overwhelming number of copycat threats, mainly on social media, in the aftermath of the tragic event at Oxford High School on Tuesday. We, too, have been made aware of rumors of this nature and found, through our own investigation and in cooperation with local law enforcement, no credible threats.

I have personally spoken to our administrative team as well as the leaders of our local law enforcement agencies about these rumors. I am confident that each has been investigated with the utmost care, concern and conviction. We have been reassured by our partners in law enforcement that our schools can remain open and that we will receive all the support we need to continue to offer our students a safe and secure experience. 

With that said, rest assured that we will not hesitate to change course if we are compelled to do so based on new information. As a district, we take seriously any threats made against our schools and will deal with them swiftly not only at the school level, but as a police matter. 

In light of this week’s tragedy, and the trauma it has caused so many, we know many of our students and staff are on edge. If your student is struggling to cope with anxiety as a result of this tragedy, please let us know so we can get them the help that they need. 

Further, we encourage all students to look out for each other during this difficult time. We ask that students report any suspicious behavior to their teacher or principal, whether it is something seen in school or out of school. If you or your student has knowledge of any threat, real or perceived, please report this to the school administration immediately. Anyone can also submit tips anonymously through the State of Michigan’s OK2Saywebsite at michigan.gov/ok2say. We appreciate your cooperation

We are all in this together,

Matt Wandrie – Superintendent

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4 thoughts on “Letter to Parents: December 2, 2021

  1. Good Morning Sir, Thank you for the update. As a parent who is deploying overseas in less then a week I am extremely concerned with the lack of active shooter training I am hearing about after speaking to my sons school administration two days ago. This is my son’s first year at Lapper High and when the school went into lock down he asked what the school protocols were for such an event. When he told me the school doesn’t conduct drills and the only answer he was given was we lock the doors and hope no one comes in I immediately called the school. The individuals I spoke to confirmed that they don’t teach the students anything in regards to an active shooter and that they don’t perform any drills for the scenario I was at a lose for words. The last two school districts he has attended both taught ALICE to the staff and students and ran drills on a regular bases. Not teaching the students what to do in a situation like this especially now a days is a point of failure on the entire school district. Knowing what to do, not do and how to react saved precious lives this week. What I would like to know is if there is training and a set protocol already in place? Are all age groups taught not just the high schools? If there is set training and protocols why are my son’s teachers and administrators stating otherwise? Do the schools have assigned law enforcement members that are on station on a daily basis?

    Thank you

  2. Mr.Wandrie , as you can see how Oxford didn’t take constant threats seriously, im wondering what your school district is proclaiming In your newsletter to us as ” non credible threats” .?

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