Return to School Update: Conferences and Remote Learning Day

First off, we want to offer a quick note of gratitude to all our students, staff and parents for helping us navigate our first full week back in school. We are so proud of the effort put forth in order to make our return a resounding success. 

Looking ahead, we have some very important dates coming up:

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The District will hold parent-teacher conferences remotely this month, utilizing the Zoom video conferencing app. This is the same application students have used during our remote learning period. Parents will receive a communication next week that will allow them to sign up for a specific conference time slot for each teacher as well as a link to their Zoom conference.

For parents who do not have Zoom, please visit Zoom.US to download the app, if you are using your smartphone, you can download it from the app stores on iPhone and Android devices. The basic Zoom account is free. If you need assistance with Zoom, your kids will be able to assist you. You do not need anything more than a smartphone to participate in a Zoom conference.

Conference Dates:

Elementary: October 21 and 26

R-W and Zemmer: October 21 and 27

LHS and CFI: October 22 and 28

Specific times will be communicated by building next week. More information will be provided for parents who do not have access to technology for conferences. These conference dates do not apply to students in the District’s virtual program, as they are required to have weekly two-way communication.

October 30: Remote Learning Day

In order to meet state requirements for pupil instruction opportunities, students will be able to engage in Google Classroom activities on October 30 (this had been a non-attendance day for students and staff). Because of this, October 30 will be a remote learning day for students. Students will not be required to physically attend school, but will have opportunities to engage content in a remote learning environment. Content will only be available through Google Classroom.

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3 thoughts on “Return to School Update: Conferences and Remote Learning Day

  1. So w we can’t even come in and see the environment our children are learning in. My favorite part of conferences is that I get to see the artwork and crafts through the hallways and classrooms that we never otherwise see. This is more nonsense, I can’t believe its still happening.

    We shouldn’t even be following any of these guidelines since the Supreme Court ruled it all unconstitutional. Just go back to normal!!

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