Letter to Parents: October 8, 2020

Parents –

Today, we received news that Zemmer 8-9 Campus Principal Jeff Stanton tested positive for COVID-19. Mr. Stanton has not been present at Zemmer since last Friday (October 2) and, because of this, no member of the staff or student body was in close contact, or any contact, with Mr. Stanton for 96 hours prior to the onset of symptoms (this is 48 hours longer than the exposure guideline requires). Because of this, contact tracing and quarantine of staff/students is not required. Thankfully, Mr. Stanton has mild symptoms and is feeling much better.  

As with any confirmed case or COVID-19 exposure, the District has consulted with the Lapeer County Health Department (LCHD) in order to determine the timeline for Mr. Stanton’s return to school. During Mr. Stanton’s absence, he will be in frequent contact with the school to assist the staff remotely.

Regarding notification: The District is not required to publish notification in a case like this, but this circumstance offers us the opportunity to remind parents of our notification process. The District is required to publish information about cases of probable or confirmed COVID-19 individuals who are present at school (or at a school function) during the period of infection. Even though it is not required in this case, Mr. Stanton gave the District permission to alert our school community to alleviate any concerns about his well-being during his extended absence. 

The District will continue to cooperate with LCHD if a school-associated positive case arises, to assist in contact tracing and notification. 


Matt Wandrie – Superintendent

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