Return to School Update: October 3

On Monday, all traditional students will be welcomed back to our schools for full-time, face-to-face instruction. In advance of this important and highly-anticipated return to school, we want to make sure everyone is aware of how the District will proceed in the event of COVID-19 infections and/or exposures. 

First, please bear in mind that the policies and procedures related to COVID-19 that are in place serve one purpose: to keep our staff, students and community safe. Our return to school on Monday is a relief for many of our parents, and a source of excitement for students. That said, our goal is not simply to return to school, but to remain in school.

With that in mind, we need everyone to follow our health and safety procedures while in school and to take precautions prior to arrival at school. Please take a moment to revisit our What to Expect publication, which includes a lot of information regarding the day-to-day operations of our schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

In addition to that, please be aware of the following:

  • Masks are required for students, staff and visitors in our schools at all times, and in all places, except while eating. The only exceptions are for students and staff who cannot medically tolerate a mask (and have provided a note to this effect from a physician).
  • All students must sanitize their hands prior to entering a school bus. Students must also wear a mask at all times while on the bus (above exception applies). 
  • We ask that parents monitor the health of their students prior to sending them to school. The District has provided a daily screening tool for parents to ensure their students are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 prior to sending them to school. Please do not, under any circumstances, send a sick student to school. 
  • Social distancing is not a requirement under the Return to School Roadmap, but it is a best practice that the District will encourage wherever it can be achieved. 
  • As the number of students entering our buildings increases, so too do the chances of having an infection and/or COVID-19 exposure. Be assured that the District has a robust set of procedures for dealing with confirmed cases and/or exposures, including a concise set of parameters for quarantine. Click here for a sample parent letter that parents would be received if a student had confirmed contact with a positive case of COVID-19. Click here for a sample parent letter that would be received in the event a student has tested positive for COVID-19.  
  • When a student or staff member reports to the main office that they are ill, office staff will collect information to include in a report that will be sent to the Administration & Services Center. If the student or staff member is in the building, office staff will ensure they are isolated until they can be taken home. In addition, custodial staff will be required to disinfect any areas of potential surface transmission. Any student or staff member who reports symptoms of COVID-19 will receive a letter from their school containing the requirements for a return to school. Click here for an example symptom letter.
  • In the event there is a positive case and/or exposure to a positive case, the District will work proactively with the Lapeer County Health Department to ensure any impacted students or staff are made aware and comply with the procedures related to the individual case. The District will also publish a COVID-19 dashboard on the District website to track any positive cases, quarantines and returns. 

To reiterate: We need students, parents and staff, indeed our entire school community, to make every effort to follow our health and safety guidelines in order to have a successful return to school. As always, thank you for your patience.

Welcome back and BOLT UP!!

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2 thoughts on “Return to School Update: October 3

  1. Are the Rolland Warner students supposed to bring personal chrome books to school? I don’t feel comfortable with my child bringing an expensive chrome book on the bus. We got it for home use. My son insists he was told he has to bring it.

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