Lapeer HomeSchool Partnership announces name change

The Lapeer Homeschool Partnership is now the Lapeer Virtual Partnership (LVP). The name change came as a result of a desire on the part of the District to better reflect what the program is, and to broaden the understanding of who the program serves.

“This is a program that has historically facilitated non-essential offerings for students in the homeschool community,” said LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie. “Over time, though, we’ve seen the program branch out, broaden its appeal and serve students from many different backgrounds. This program, because of its wide array of virtual options, has drawn in students from all over the region.”

LVP was developed to provide families choice in their child’s education. Students who want to participate in non-essential elective classes can learn in their own setting with access to additional optional learning experiences for enrichment.

The program will still be housed at the Cramton Campus, at 1220 Lake Nepessing Road.

Anyone interested in learning more about LVP can visit or call 810-667-2418.

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One thought on “Lapeer HomeSchool Partnership announces name change

  1. After reading the letter that you sent out I’m still having trouble understanding what this school year is going to be all about. HELP!!!

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