The Comeback: Return to School Update for July 29

For the past several months, our staff has been working overtime to ensure we are ready to welcome your children back into our schools this fall. I can say with confidence that this period has been the most challenging of my career, and I think anyone associated with public education in this country would agree.

While things seem to change daily, one thing remains the same: We want our students back in school. Achieving this goal requires an incredible amount of planning in every corner of our organization. 

As I write this, we are finalizing our COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan as well as our district guidance for COVID-19 procedures for students. They are comprehensive documents that, in addition to the previously published FAQ, will cover a broad range of issues related to the re-opening of our schools. Those documents will be sent to parents next week. 

In addition, as you will read in the newsletter linked here, we are asking you to provide us with any questions you may have regarding the return to school. We will attempt to answer all your questions in a video presentation that will be sent to you at the end of next week. 

I know many of you are uneasy, discouraged and frustrated by the lack of certainty in our present circumstance. As a parent, I know how you feel. Please rest assured that we will continue to move forward with the goal of returning your students back to school in the safest manner possible. 

There’s much more to come.


Matt Wandrie, Superintendent


The Comeback Newsletter

Remote Learning Plan Info (Phases 1-3)

Sample Student Schedules (Phases 1-3)

Return to School Roadmap

Bolt Blog

6 thoughts on “The Comeback: Return to School Update for July 29

  1. If it comes down to possibly reopen CFI (Lapeer West) not necessarily as huge rooms but for some students and have those set up more so for zoom at least the wifi might be better for both teachers and students?

  2. Scared to death! Live your life, or protect your life, I am not sure both are possible. I wish I had answers.

  3. I don’t want my kids back in physical school. It’s not safe yet. How do we register for online learning?

  4. My son NEEDS to be back in school. He does better academically and he needs the social interaction. He has been in a depression since April and has finally brightened up because of the prospect of returning to school. He said he prefers to where a mask all day rather than doing remote learning.

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