Retiree Tribute: Kim Lench ‘Smiles Often’ and ‘has Passion’ for her Work

Written by Wyatt Stevens

Kim Lench has been a recognized face in media centers across the District for nearly 23 years. During her career, she has put her imprint on nearly every school in the District.

Kim has done tours at Elba Elementary, Seaton Elementary, Zemmer Middle School, Schickler Elementary, Lapeer East, Lapeer West, and finally Rolland-Warner; in addition, she has worked as a substitute at seven other district buildings, as well as the Administration and Service Center. Kim also served in leadership roles in the LESP union.

While working with Kim at multiple buildings, I can tell you she smiles often, has a passion for her job, is timely (arriving early to the parking lot everyday as to not be late), organized (even the projector remote control has an index card and own plastic baggie home), and is frugal (I believe the rolled paper to cover the book shelves during summer cleaning has been used for 22 years).

I’m sure in her retirement Kim will continue to scrapbook and love on her grandchildren!

Thank you for your service to the students of LCS!

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2 thoughts on “Retiree Tribute: Kim Lench ‘Smiles Often’ and ‘has Passion’ for her Work

  1. Congratulations on your retirement, Kim! I loved working with you! Our Level Headed Ladies was fun and a little profitable too. You are an amazing person. Loved your organization! Take some time for yourself! Enjoy your grandchildren!

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