Online Learning Update: April 7, 2020

This week, the District’s administrative staff and Central Office Leadership Team have been working hard to prepare for next week’s roll out of the District’s 100 percent online instructional program. Obviously this transition requires a lot of planning for logistics and in a short period of time. 

We know many students and parents have expressed concerns about access to technology and WiFi in order to participate. We know from a recent survey that we have a significant number of students that do not have internet access at home. As a district, it is our goal to ensure that all our households have everything they need to stay engaged during this very difficult time. 

Please be assured of the following:

• Every district household that does not have access to computer will be accommodated. We will have a procedure in place for households to check out Chromebooks in order to participate in the online curriculum. For now, we will be limited to one Chromebook per household to ensure we have enough to accommodate everyone. 

• For households that do not have WiFi access, the District will extend the existing WiFi guest access points to include the parking lots at: CFI, Mayfield Elementary and Turrill Elementary. In addition, the Lapeer District Library has extended its WiFi access to the parking lots at the following branches: Lapeer (DeAngeli), Clifford, Columbiaville, Elba, Hadley and Otter Lake. The Ed Tech Center and the North Branch Public Library have also agreed to extend their WiFi access. 

Finally, we ask that students and parents be patient as we transition to our online instructional model. Please bear in mind that this is a significant challenge for our staff. We would appreciate your patience as we adapt day-to-day to this new reality. 

We will continue to keep you informed throughout this transition. In the meantime, the majority of our online academic resources can be accessed on the main page of the District website at 

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60 thoughts on “Online Learning Update: April 7, 2020

  1. What about the families that have multiple children, each in different grade. Are we going to need a computer or tablet for each child?

  2. Thanks so much..these are trying for everyone and I appreciate your hard work in keeping classes going for our kids! Go Lightning!

  3. My name is Breeanna smith. Im in need of a chromebook to do my online schooling. It would be appreciated if you guys could lend me on.

  4. We don’t have WiFi but have access through our cellular devices. Unfortunately both my husband and I are essential workers and my students doesn’t have her own phone. So how will she be able to attend?

      1. We are home in the evenings. I was assuming instructional class time would be “live” during school hours.

  5. I have a laptop but I use it for my schooling and my business but my girls each have tablets. Will tablets be able to be used for the school work? They each have the apps, Google Classroom and Zoom.

  6. So a student doesn’t have WIFI.

    You’re asking said student to leave their home durring the governor’s: Stay at Home Executive Order.

    That student heads to one of your K-12 parking lots, or the public library, and somehow, they contract Covid-19.

    That students life is now at risk, as well as their entire family.

    The Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators and the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers state: “However they are designed, districts must ensure their plans are appropriate, equitable and accessible for students and families.” During a stay at home order, this approach is simply not appropriate.
    If that student has to put their life at danger for a few months, and something happens to them, is Lapeer Administration going to account for that? Or is the board of education going to account for the unprofessionalism in these new found district learning plans? Either way, asking a student to leave their home durring this crisis is something that should be debated from a legal standpoint and should be something settled in a court.

    The Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators and the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers also state that: “Students and families will not be penalized if they are unable to participate in their alternate learning plan.” Penalties would include the holding back of their advancing education.

      1. And if the student doesn’t have a vehicle? If the student’s family who drives them to and from are essential workers?
        Not every student has a means of transportation, how are you going to accommodate for that?

      2. Yes I understood that, some people just don’t read or understand what they read, they just like to complain.
        I would like to know how to get access to chrome book for my son to do his online schooling.
        Thank you for all the help greatly appreciated.

  7. Thank you for all you do. My family and I completely understand the current circumstances you have been dealt with. Keep up the great work on your end and we will continue to do ours at home. Please continue with the updates. They are very helpful.

  8. And if the student doesn’t have a vehicle? If the student’s family who drives them to and from are essential workers?
    Not every student has a means of transportation, how are you going to accommodate for that?

  9. So you’re going to “accommodate” for every student but what about the staff you’re now going to need more of? Because how do you ensure every student stays in their vehicles without the use of authority?

    I apologise for the rapid questions, but there’s too much going on for such questions to be ignored.

  10. What about the special need kid that have iep how will this work with then. My son his mind is set school is at school and home is home life.

    1. For our students who require programs and services through special education, parents can expect to be contacted by their child’s case manager and/or service provider to discuss the supplemental support, specialized instruction and access to the learning opportunities that will be made available.

  11. Im just concerned about 9-11. My daughter is in the 9th and wondering how this is going to work with her??

  12. Thank you for all the hard work in ensuring that our children can still get their education. What a wonderful job done in pulling something together like this.

  13. So for those students that dont have suitable internet access, you’re asking them to sit in a parking lot with a laptop and concentrate on school work? What if the student doesn’t have transportation because both parents are essential workers and the students caregiver doesn’t have access to a vehicle everyday? This is not an acceptable solution. Something else needs to be done.
    You also realize that if you have several people using the same wifi spot at the same time it slows down the wifi to almost unusable? I know things are uncertain right now but this is not acceptable. The children and parents would also be violating the stay at home order. I’m sorry to say but this is not a feasible plan and a new one needs to be put into place

  14. Thanks so much for all the hard work you are doing to try to make learning possible for each family. I’m sure this has been a really challenging process.

  15. While I do understand that this is unchartered territory for us all. Yes it will be very hard to accommodate all students, this cannot be the best route. What this plan suggests could potentially be dangerous and unrealistic. These children are going to be so far behind next year. We practice at home but their is somethings I simply cannot teach my children. I am very concerned and confused how this process is going to workout. From what I read above it doesn’t seem to have consistency. How will this be structured, will this work be graded, and what about struggling students that are struggling to pass their classes. Will the kids be passed on to the next grade regardless? So many questions and I feel we are running out of time…

  16. For Students that don’t have internet access. Spectrum is offering free access (see below)
    Visit for info:

    (Capied from page)

    Community Assistance
    More than ever before, Americans rely on high speed broadband in nearly every aspect of their lives. In the coming weeks, many will be affected either directly or indirectly by COVID-19. We’re committed to serving our 29 million customers and ensuring they maintain reliable access to the online resources and information they want and need. To ease the strain in this challenging time, beginning Monday, March 16, we commit to the following for 60 days:

    We’ll partner with school districts to make sure local communities are aware of these tools to help students learn remotely.
    We’ll open our WiFi hotspots across our footprint for public use.
    We’ll continue to offer Spectrum Internet Assist, our high-speed broadband program to eligible low-income households.
    We’ll offer new free access to internet and WiFi for 60 days for new Pre-K to 12, college student and teacher households who don’t currently have internet or WiFi service.

  17. We have a computer or laptop and Wi-Fi. What we are wondering is all of her school books are in her locker will she be needing them and how will we get them before this starts?

  18. Is there a certain chrome book that will work best for this work willing to buy one not sure what I’m looking for

  19. It was stated in voicemail from school that students grades will be based on work and participation in completing program. I know students can improve their grade, but what happens if they don’t do well with this online method. Will there grade fall below what they start the online learning with?
    I know you all are doing your best to provide for our kids. Thank you

  20. Does my child have to participate? If he and she don’t will their grade go down for not participating in the online program?

  21. will their grades go down if they do no participate and is this mandatory do our kids have to participate

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