LCS announces partnership with United Way of Lapeer County

Lapeer Community Schools (LCS) and The United Way of Lapeer County (UWLC) are pleased to announce a partnership which creates a new and exciting opportunity for High School students attending Lapeer Schools. Beginning for the 2019-2020 school year, students will have the ability to obtain their Varsity Letter in Community Service. 

Awarded to students meeting criteria of excellence in school activities, Varsity Letters have long been used to honor student athletes. Lapeer Community Schools currently awards varsity letters for athletic teams, academic excellence and musical programs. The addition of this new recognition program will celebrate those students who go above and beyond in their service to the local community. 

The United Way of Lapeer County brought this plan to LCS administration and over the past few months these two organizations have refined the details of the program. Qualifying students must complete a minimum of 145 volunteer hours during the application period. These hours must include both activities related to school projects as well as those completed outside of the school setting. Interested students must provide signed volunteer logs, meet a minimum GPA requirement, and apply for the award to the United Way of Lapeer County. 

Students who complete the necessary steps and are eligible for this award will be honored with their families at a reception hosted by the United Way of Lapeer County in May 2020. Graduating recipients will also be encouraged to apply for a $1000 scholarship generously provided by Owen Tree Service and UWLC Board Member Randy Owen. This scholarship will be eligible for use at any college, trade, or technical program. In future years, a scholarship fund will be pursued to expand these awards. UWLC is hoping to expand this program to other districts in the County in the coming years.

The goal behind this program is to recognize those students who already go above and beyond in their service to our community, while encouraging other students to become more involved with volunteer opportunities. 

More information about this program and award applications can be found at

For further comment, please feel free to contact the following individuals:

Dr. Alex Wolfe (UWLC Board Member) – or 810-338-1967

Shad Shipilski (LCS Athletic Director) – or 810-667-2457

Matt Wandrie (LCS Superintendent) –

Kim Hebberd (UWLC Executive Director) –

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