LCS Board of Education formally calls the election for 2019 Bond Proposal

LAPEER, Michigan — After a year of community engagement, the Lapeer Community School District is going forward with a $94.9 million bond proposal this November.  The Board of Education officially “called the election” at its August 7 regular meeting.

If approved by voters, the bond proposal will finance the proposed restructuring plan and the improvement of facilities across the District, including the construction of a new high school at the West Campus. Over 600 residents were involved in shaping the bond proposal.  That’s why the District is calling it The People’s Proposal.

Summary of the plan that will be financed by the Bond Proposal:

  1. Safety, security and technology upgrades to all facilities.
  2. Maintenance of the year-round program in grades K-8.
  3. An Early Childhood Center at Turrill Elementary School serving all kindergarten students and the District’s Early Five program.
  4. The East Campus, currently home to Lapeer High School, will be reconfigured to serve all Lapeer students in grades 1-4.  Lynch, Mayfield and Murphy elementary schools will be closed and marketed for sale.
  5. Schickler Elementary School will be renovated to house the District’s alternative and virtual learning programs.
  6. The Rolland-Warner Campus will serve all Lapeer students in grades 5-6.
  7. The Zemmer Campus will serve all Lapeer students in grades 7-8.
  8. A new, comprehensive, high school will be constructed at the West Campus, currently home of the Center for Innovation (formerly Lapeer West High School) and become Lapeer High School (grades 9-12). The District’s athletic complex will remain at this location. The existing auxiliary gym as well as parking lots and bus loops will also be maintained.
  9. Maple Grove and Cramton campuses will remain as currently configured.  (A large portion of Maple Grove will continue to be leased to Community Mental Health and another portion of the building will continue to provide virtual school programming.)  Lapeer Home School Partnership will remain at the Cramton Campus.
  10. The Administration & Services Center (ASC) will remain as currently configured and house the administrative services staff that support the District’s educational offerings.
  11. Finally, the District’s bus garage will undergo long-overdue renovations including facility and lot improvements. In addition, the bond proposal will cover the purchase of 40 school buses to revive our aging fleet.

All bond proposal projects were reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

The restructuring financed by the bond proposal will reduce school district operating costs by an estimated $1 million annually, while providing more educational opportunities and specialized programming for students.

“This bond proposal represents an investment in the future of Lapeer that, if approved, will benefit the entire community,” said LCS Board of Education President Michael Keller.  “We are confident that the restructuring plan will provide the best educational experience for our students, reduce operational costs, and support the District’s consistent commitment to improve student achievement.”

If voters approve The People’s Proposal, the District’s tax rate will increase by an estimated 1.94 mills.  For the average Lapeer homeowner, the cost will be less than $12 per month – and most Lapeer taxpayers will pay less than that. The District currently levies the lowest tax rate in Lapeer County (2.75 mills). With the passage of the bond, the new rate will be the second-lowest in the county.  

According to Superintendent Matt Wandrie, approval of the bond proposal will allow the District to implement a comprehensive restructuring plan to meet the educational needs of this generation and the next.

“Our goal is to provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers,” Wandrie said.   “Implementing the restructuring plan will allow us to restructure the District and make facility updates.  A lot of people believe The People’s Proposal is exactly what our students and the people of Lapeer need.”

“From now until election day, we look forward to talking with community members about the rationale, cost savings, and timelines to implement the plan,” he added.

For more information, please visit the District website at

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