Governor signs snow day relief bill, here’s how it impacts LCS

As we communicated last week, the bill passed by the state legislature to provide relief to school districts plagued by inclement weather was only in need of Governor Whitmer’s signature.

The bill, which is only a temporary solution, has been signed into law.

The effect of the bill for Lapeer Community Schools is pretty simple: We will revert back to the original calendar. The final day of school for students on the traditional and year-round calendar is once again June 14.

It does not, however, impact our final remaining make-up day scheduled for May 24. This means students will still be required to come to school on Friday, May 24. 

Check out today’s Lapeer County Press for more information:

Once the number of days missed for inclement weather hit six, school administrators throughout Lapeer County were nervous.

But they didn’t stop there. Districts in the county faced more than a dozen days this winter that snow, ice and bitter cold forced school closings, and the prospect of a significant end-of-year extension looked likely.

But on Friday, May 10, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill that passed between the state’s House and Senate twice each forgiving snow days that occurred between the declared “state of emergency” days of Jan. 29 -Feb. 1 of this year. Those days, combined with both the six automatically forgiven snow days and the three provided via waiver applied for and granted to Lapeer County means many districts are ready to move on.

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