Employee Recognition Awards for 2018

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The Employee Recognition Committees are pleased to announce who will be honored at the Employee Recognition Program May 9:

Distinguished Educator Award Recipients

Cortney Brendel

Michele Pfeiffer

Jaime Ratliff

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Michelle Bradford

Sharon Fisher

Outstanding Contributor Award Recipients

Jared Field

Pat Hutton


Employees eligible for State Retirement

who have completed 5 or more years of District service


Employees who have completed 10 years of District service

Teresa Ahlers

Mike Arnett

Cathy Black

Kevin Bush

*Michele Cook

*Penny Cutean

Jonna Francis

Kathy Manchester

Sharon McComb

Tom McEachern

*Ellen Reed

Karen Ridenour

Karen Rowden

Susan Sharp

Beth Shemanski

Joe Shoopman

*Carolyn Stroh

*Brenda Weir

*Resigned following last year’s Employee Recognition Program and prior to this current school year.

Congratulations to all of these employees!

Tickets for the May 9 Dinner and Awards Program will be on sale for $28.00 each April 13 – April 25 at the Administration and Services Center in the Human Resources Office.  Please refer to the attached reservation form.

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