Snow Day Make-up Information for Traditional AND Year-Round Students

Michigan law allows school districts to count six days or equivalent hours of “forgiven” time toward our day and hour requirements when school is canceled due to reasons such as bad weather. This school year, we experienced nine cancellations for students on the traditional calendar and eight for students on the year-round calendar. We have two days built-in to our calendars to account for two of the canceled days

For students on the traditional calendar: April 2 (the Monday after Easter) and May 25 will now be scheduled days of instruction. The additional canceled day for traditional calendar students will be added to the end of the school year unless the state approves the waiver application. 

For students on the year-round calendar: May 4 and May 25 will be scheduled days of instruction for students and staff

While it is rare to lose school days to weather in the spring, please be aware that any additional days will be added to the end of the school year (pending waiver status) in order to be in compliance with state requirements for instructional days.

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