Meet the newest member of the MCFYP Committee, LHS junior Maxx Atwell


We are proud to announce LHS junior Maxx Atwell’s selection to the Michigan Council of Foundations Youth Project! The MCFYP has 12 committee members from Youth Advisory Committee groups from across Michigan; Maxx is a member of YAC of Lapeer County Community Foundation. The YAC gives grant money to youth-related needs throughout Lapeer County and completes 4-5 service projects throughout the year.

The LCCF YAC currently has 31 members, students in 7-12th grades, from different schools in Lapeer County. The YAC gives back to the community by giving of their time, talent and treasure.

There are 86 YAC groups in Michigan and there were only four spots available on this committee. This is a huge honor!  Maxx will be helping to coordinate the next YAC Summer Leadership Conference at CMU and has been appointed to a three-year term. Maxx is a Junior at Lapeer High School and has been in YAC since he was in 8th grade.

Please congratulate Maxx on this great honor and opportunity!

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One thought on “Meet the newest member of the MCFYP Committee, LHS junior Maxx Atwell

  1. Congratulations Maxx. You have already proven your dedication to our community. This appointment gives you the opportunity to make a difference across the State. Lapeer Proud.

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