Schickler Elementary to host Disability Awareness Day

On May 19, Schickler Elementary’s 5th Grade Academic Service Learning Team will host a Disability Awareness Day for Grades 3-5. The purpose of this program is to provide a greater awareness of persons with disabilities to the students of Schickler and their local community. A secondary purpose is to promote a more empathetic understanding of how difficult the challenges and complexities of daily living can be for individuals with varying types of disabilities by simulating their experiences.

Many classes will participate in hands-on activities that simulate challenges of vision, hearing, communication, learning or physical disabilities. Students will get firsthand experience in using canes, walkers, and Braille typewriters. While others will attempt to write with utensils that limited their fine motor control or visual tasks that challenge their typical way of reading a McDonalds menu.

Student readers from 5th grade will present to younger students age appropriate storybooks that address characters with disabilities. These books may expand student understanding which can lead to activities that allow for reflection and appreciation.

All in all, students, parents, grandparents and teachers alike can take something away from this special day in hopes of making a better place for all tomorrow.

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