2016 Employee Recognition Award winners announced

Cynthia Tuzinsky is greeted by the District’s prize patrol on Tuesday, April 12. She is an outstanding paraprofessional at Schickler Elementary.

This week, our 2016 Employee Recognition Awards were announced. We are very proud of the following employees, who will be honored at this year’s Employee Recognition Dinner Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at the Lapeer Country Club. Click here for photos of the winners.

Distinguished Educator Award Recipient

Lora Richardson, Schickler Elementary

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

RaeAnne Fielder, Turrill Elementary

Ann Vierk, Administration & Services Center

Outstanding Contributor Award Recipients

Jeannine Ridenour, Administration & Services Center

Kim Seifferly, Administration & Services Center

Cynthia Tuzinsky, Schickler Elementary


Employees eligible for State Retirement who have completed 5 or more years of District service or employees who have completed 10 years of District service:

*Anna Gregory

Jody Hackett

Doreen Hill

Debbie Jostock

*Debra Laidler

*Jeremy Mason

Jill Mueller

Brenda Ruddock

Robin Schwerin

Cece Stramsak

Diane Taylor

Barb Westerfield

*Resigned following last year’s Employee Recognition Program and prior to this current school year.

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