We appreciate you: 4,000 words of appreciation for our teachers

Cori Lomerson, of Lynch Elementary, was one of dozens of LCS teachers mentioned in response from the community during Teacher Appreciation Week this year.
Cori Lomerson, of Lynch Elementary, was one of many dozens of LCS teachers mentioned in responses from the community during Teacher Appreciation Week this year.

Last Wednesday, during Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked members of our social media community to name a teacher who they appreciate and why. Responses flooded in from students (current and former), parents, teachers and many more. Some of the responses were truly inspiring.  Four thousand times: Thank You! Enjoy!

Teacher Appreciation Week Kudos:

Crystal Wilson: I want to thank Ms. Crystal Woodley and Mrs. Tami Curry for being my daughter’s kindergarten and first grade teachers!! You have helped my daughter achieve so much academically and I am so proud of what she has accomplished in just two years!! I did not grow up in Lapeer (I moved here from Colorado 12 years ago) but I have worked for the district for 12 years as a sub, alternative placement teacher and now a para and I have to give a shout out to all the wonderful teachers and paras I have worked closely with all these years and the amazing job they do day in and day out

Rhonda Gadowski: Lynn Delpy at Lapeer East. She was a wonderful teacher that pushed my son. He would give her such a hard time but she never gave up on him. She would go above and beyond for her students. I appreciate her.

MacKenzie Putnam: I appreciate Ms. Linton because she is probably the hardest working teacher I know, and she goes above and beyond her job description. She respects everyone, including students and is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She has helped so many students through their high school career, including me and I will forever be grateful for that.

Kimberly Hicks-Felton: How can I pick just one!!!?! Shannon Nichols, Kelly Withey and the rest of the Elba/Seaton crew. Bridgette Chaffin you totally rock! Lori Liley is simply amazing. Thank you to every teacher my children Karlie and Jimmy have had. You’ve guided them and helped them bloom into amazing children.

Camille Kelley: I have to also give a shout out to the preschool teachers at Kids & Company as they are wonderful. I love what they do. They work very hard at it!! Ms. Robin Hoeffel, Ms. Angie Siesky in the 4-year program and Ms. Jayme in the 3-year program. They were wonderful! And we miss seeing them daily! Makenna is doing wonderful in Kindergarten because of you!! xoxo much love!

Bethany Youngquist: I want to thank Mrs. Schindler for being an awesome teacher to my daughter! I appreciate everything you have done for my little girl!

Tami Curry: I appreciate Mrs. homer and Mrs. Phillips from Murphy Elementary for all they do!!

Laura Wnukowski-Novak: Thank you Rebecca Travis. I miss your smiling face at Mayfield!

Kim Peterman: We appreciate everyone at Murphy Elementary!!! I would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Withey, Mrs. Gardiner, Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. Holbrook for all the extra help they have given to my son Tyler!

Dawn Sjoblom: I appreciate Chelle Martin (Murphy Elementary}. She takes the time to help her students with anything. She will always have a special place in our hearts too.

Sydney Schroeder: So many teachers! Terry Brennan, Summer Schons and Lyniece Fenner for their dedication and belief in their students!

Jill Carter: All the teachers at Turrill elementary!

Susan McCullough: I appreciate Mr. Sporman because even though my daughter is a junior he stands out as one of her best teachers. I appreciate Mrs. Linton because she clearly loves what she does and genuinely cares for her students.

Kristen Wilcox: Allison Edwards-Brown, Crystal Woodley and Nicole Jezdimir have been excellent at Lynch with my daughter. Also, as a teacher, I learned a lot about ‘teaching’ from Richard Mayberry, Brad Walker, Nancy Jane Coscarelli, Sharon Karn Namenye, Kathy Hayes, Steve Burns and many others.
LuAnne Castillo: I appreciate Dr. Cherry Wangerlander, my mentor from EDU classes, Linda Fisher, whom I teamed with for many years, and Felicia Jackowski, who inspires my passion for teaching with her example.
Morgan Most: Terry Brennan, Mary Moss, Ellen Rapley-Reed, Eva Morgan and all of the Attica Elementary staff and all the other teachers who always had my back I loved them all! Teresa Hill, Gloria Dempsey, Robin Austin Schwerin, Dawn Mousseau Cowhy and Rachelle Rae!
Morris Mary Jane Hicks: Appreciated Mrs. Isabelle Oyster, a teacher at Maple Grove over 65 years ago. A great teacher and person.

Stephanie Looney: Bridgette and Dave Chaffin. They were both my daughter’s teacher and they gave her a passion for learning. Bridgette taught her it was okay for girls to be smart and do well in school. They are the greatest teachers!!! I truly appreciate them and always will!

Darby Conley: Can we go old school? Mrs. Jill Owen, Mr. Michael Supernault, Mrs. Denise and Divian Michalczuk, just to name a few!
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.53.56 AM
Jen Granger: ALL of the LCS band directors for their dedication, passion, and love for what they do and the kids they teach!! Lyniece Fenner, and Chelle Martin (Murphy Elementary), you will always hold special places in our hearts. Thank you for all you do, teachers!!
Brandy Watts: I appreciate my old fourth grade teacher Mr. L-K. I believe he may still be teaching in the district. He is the reason I became a teacher myself.
Rebecca Marie Travis: Tom Kaiser. He was the best choir teacher anyone could ask for. Treats his students like they all are his family! Can always put a smile on anyone’s face!
Christine MacRae: There are so many teachers that are fantastic in the district to name! But a shout out to all the teachers at Mayfield who had my kids Joe and Philip and the ones I worked with at Lynch Elementary. These teachers all go above and beyond to take care of “their kids.” Oh and a special shout out and appreciation to Patrick Siems at Lapeer High School who was a special mentor to my son Joe MacRae. He helped Joe get through some hard times and always went above and beyond. He continues to help my other son Philip.
Michelle Knickerbocker: Thank you Cori Lomerson and Bob Losinger for being a couple of my son’s favorites. My older son would give a shout out to Mr. Bolzman as being a superior art teacher. Thank you! Mr. Knickerbocker is my personal favorite as he is an example of a caring teacher with a sincere desire for students to love History as much as he does.
Karen Dennis Downs: I appreciate all of the teachers of Lapeer East (class of 1983). Thank you!
Amy Linton: I have been pretty fortunate to have worked with some amazing teachers and staff at LCS and have learned so much. I thank you all. I have to say a special thank you to my former band teacher Shelley Roland. I can remember being amazed by you for so many reasons. I was in awe of how you could play any instrument to help students learn their part or how, from a band of so many, you could pin point who played the wrong note or was off tempo. But what I loved most was how you wouldn’t take any flack from anyone but then turn around with a smile and a laugh. You introduced me to the meaning of hard work and how it can pay off and to my first bit of real culture. Both of which I am extremely grateful. I, and I’m sure so many more, thank you.
Samantha Pridemore: I appreciate these Teachers From Turrill: Mrs. White, Mrs. Powers, Mrs Nichole Hayden (now at Lynch), Mrs. Lawrence (now at Lynch), Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Kotchan, Mr. Chaffin, Mrs. Ducap (now in Mount Morris) These teachers from Rolland-Warner: Mrs. Wolfer, Mr. Brusie, Mrs. Prill, Mr. Sweeney. All of these teachers have touched my children and have helped them grow both educationally and as great kids. Without these teachers my kids wouldn’t be where they are today. Not only did these teachers teach my kids but they have taught me as well. It makes it so much easier when you know you can go to that teacher and talk to them and come to a solution or get a great idea on how to help your child in school. I love all of these teachers and appreciate everything they have done for my kids.
Krissy Watz-Amend: Laurie Wilcox-Trachet because she has always put her students first! She a loving compassionate person and we couldn’t have a better teacher for our children. Thank you so much for all you do Laurie!
Daniel Stanley: I appreciate Cheryl Burnside, Lyniece Fenner, Nancy Walz, Ellen Borowski Powers, Kim Kroll, Terrie Hazard, Ellen Rapley-Reed, Mary Boomer and Linda Shamaly because they all played a very important part in making me the young man I am today. Thank you all very much.
Jaime Ratliff: I appreciate Denise Michalczuk! My favorite teacher of all time.
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.51.58 AMNikki Baldwin: Mayfield Staff: Mrs. Chaffee, Mrs. Lamphere, Mrs. Manchester. Turrill Staff: Mrs. Badyrka, Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Abeare, Mrs. Chaffin (and Mr.), Mrs. Christian, Mrs. Short, Mrs. Manchester and Mrs. Stoutenburg. Thank you all SOOO very much for giving our children a love for learning and school. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know our kids are cared for by such awesome individuals while away at school.
Robin Chesnutt: I appreciate Ms. Turvill for being such an amazing teacher that my daughter hates her breaks!
Deborah J. Smith: Okay there were two way back: Mrs. Minford (5th Grade at Maple Grove) Mrs. Hill (6th Grade at Maple Grove) may they rest in peace. My High School Biology teacher Al Hoppe was the best! His passion for Biology and Science was such a great experience. I decided Biology is what I wanted to study in college.
Jaymie Main: Where to begin? I have had so many great teachers throughout my years at LCS. From my kindergarten teacher Ms. Mason all the way to Mrs. Hill even though I only got to know her one semester this year for AP Literature. Also Mr. Stevens, Mrs. Ameel, Mrs. White and so many more. All the teachers I have had have helped me become who I am today. They helped me realize that I want to be an elementary teacher.
Courtney Kreis: I appreciate all of my teachers that I’ve had throughout all of my school years; however, there is one teacher that I think needs to be acknowledged on this special day. This teacher spent the time asking about her student’s day. She treated everyone equally no matter what the circumstances were. She found ways to make learning fun and enjoyable such as drawing pictures on the back of our quizzes (which she gave everyone an opportunity to do even if it took the whole hour) and then she would always share them with the class and it always made my day. She would always be there to listen if I was having a bad day, or she would tell funny stories about teaching elementary children to make my day. She went above and beyond being a teacher, because she will forever be my inspiration. Thank you for all that you did and all that you continue to do for all of your students Cheryl Burnside.
Josh Ruth: Mrs. Roy, my 6th grade teacher when I went to Turrill and Mrs. Holbrook who did language arts stuff with me at Turrill. They both are so great teachers and helped me so much with other things than school work.
Melissa Randolph: I appreciate Mrs. Nicole Badyrka. What would we do without her? She has by far exceeded our expectations for our youngest daughter’s first year of school. She has been in constant contact with us all year and has an amazing passion and personality. Turrill Elementary, you have a teacher that understands parents and our children. “Mrs B” will be a favorite for me forever due to her passion and love for her students and families. My goodness I’m sad the year is almost over.

Heather Stephens Irvan: I appreciate all the teachers at Turrill for everything they do. A special shout out to Miss Turvill for making our first year a great one!

Mellissa Grant: I appreciate Mrs. Schrabel at Mayfield for her wonderful control of the classroom yet making learning fun for her kids!!!
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.46.49 AMWilliam Mann: I appreciate my science teacher, Mr. Lothrop, because he is really nice and understands you. Mr. Lothrop makes sure you understand the unit for the next test. He is smart, cool, and has no favorites. Thanks for being a great teacher Mr. Lothrop!
Rachel Worthing: I appreciate Mrs. Robin Hoeffel at Kids and Company and Mrs. Goss!! My daughter has learned so much from both of them. They are such an inspiration to her!
Crystal Bell: I appreciate the kindness and inspiration that came from Susan Wheatley at Lapeer East High School! She got my daughter through high school to graduation through many obstacles. Love her!
Susan Jasmund: My all-time favorite teacher was Denise Michalczuk!!
Patrick Burke:I have had many amazing teachers, so I’m going to name a few: Mrs. Sanford, Ms. Gorkowski, Mrs. Thomas, Cheryl Burnside, JoAnn Royce, Tracy Keely, Madame Coon, Mr. Loeding and Mr. Burns.
Staci Wolford:Eugenia Garner, for being a stickler for grammar. Bill Anderson, for making boring old classics entertaining. Sharon Peterson, for never judging a book by its cover. Finally, Shellie Forgione, for making my mid-life second trip through first grade one of the best years of my whole school career. Nothing beats a great teacher; they stay with you forever.
Megan Rau: Ms. Turvill’s Kindergarteners at Turrill, she has pushed my daughter farther than imagined and makes her enjoy everyday at school! Thank you for your dedication and teaching our young minds!
Monica Uryga-Williams: Ms. Mason, kindergarten teacher at Schickler, is one of my favorites. My son was having a really hard time adjusting to school. He was first in another class but then we were told he was going to Ms. Mason’s class because of so many students. This shook up my little man’s world even more. But Ms. Mason took him under her wing and got him through the changes. She is wonderful with all her students and am so grateful to have her for my son’s teacher.
Tera Johns: Mrs. Patricia Schabel, was 2nd grade at Elba-Seaton (now at Mayfield).
Mr. Kaiser, Choir, Mrs. Ratliff, PLTW Advanced Science.
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.48.21 AMCamille Kelley: Ms. Crystal Woodley, kindergarten teacher at Lynch. Our oldest daughter had her for kindergarten three years ago and she loved Ms. Woodley so much, we requested our youngest to have her this year and she loves her as well! She’s very fun and engaging! I can’t say enough for how great she is!!
Jenine Carey: With four kids in the district, there are too many that we appreciate to name. Perhaps the two most influential teachers for my kids have been Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Prill – not just for their work in the classroom, but also as student council advisers, sports coaches and event chaperones. They’ve touched my kids’ lives in so many ways.
Mandy Tarpey-Hanner: My family appreciates Ms. Morris of Mayfield Elementary. She has always been loving to my family. Thank you.
Alexis Johnson: I also appreciate Heather Hundt, Daniel Hundt and Lori Liley! They are dedicated and they all show their love for what they do through the hard work that they put into their jobs in and out of the classroom!
Nicole Badyrka: I am also thankful for Jennifer Christian! Jennifer’s positive attitude and perseverance makes her a great role model at Turrill!
Alysia Charter: Mrs. Amy Thom Baxter. She has been a wonderful teacher for both of my kids! They absolutely love her and I love her passion for teaching and the patience she shows all of her students! Also, Mrs. Chaffin. She bought about a confidence change in my daughter. She was amazing with her students also and always kept me informed of any situations, small or large.
Sharon Mozola: I appreciate Shannon Nichols. She goes above and beyond with her students and always has a smile to begin her day with them!
Kary Jenkins: I appreciate Rose Dodson from Murphy Elementary. She is an amazing teacher to my daughter Baylea as well as every other student in her class. She takes time with each and every one of them. I’m very grateful to have her as my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. We love you Mrs. Dodson!
Kimberly Stelzel: I have appreciation for Bridgette Chaffin at Turrill. She lights up Sean’s world! Makes him smile. She has taught him more then just school work. She taught him great life skills. He will always remember her! And we are thankful!
Margaret Watz Tompkins: I appreciate Mrs. Short, 5th grade teacher at Turrill. She has really shown that the teacher makes the difference. My son, for the first time in his school career, LOVES school!!!! He LOVES Mrs. Short!!!!
Ashley Upleger: We are so sad that the school year is almost over… not sure how we could have gotten any luckier this year with Allison Brown! My daughter adores her and she has made kindergarten so much fun!
Melissa Patten: My vote is for Talia Leonard. I’ve never met a teacher more understanding, loving, and caring, as her (besides my mother of course). My daughter has severe anxiety about school and Talia not only helped her overcome, but showed her how to use it to her advantage. Talia shaped her into the honor student she is today. You should be very proud of yourself for making such a huge difference to the world and I am thankful for you making a difference in mine.
Haley Gay Britt-Conger: Mrs. Talia Leonard, 2nd grade teacher at Lynch. My Son adores her! She has made school fun and rewarding. He loves going everyday!!
Deb Demick: Every single teacher at Mayfield! I can’t tell you how many people have gone above and beyond for my children. But extra special to our hearts are Mrs. Lamphere, and Mrs. Novak…wonderful women we are blessed to have!!!
Alexia Locke: Mrs. C, Mrs. Angie and Miss Jessica at Kids and Company! They have been nothing short of amazing this entire year.
Monica Tholl Uryga-Williams: Another favorite of mine is Mrs. Farley from Schickler. She is awesome with her students. My son had her when she taught early fives four years ago. My son was in the hospital, in ICU at Hurley, and very sick. She took time out of her busy schedule to come see him and bring cards that their entire class had made for him. We will never forget that. She has a heart of gold and loves her students.

John Argue: Mrs fenner, I miss you!

Sam Howard: Mrs. Wolfer. She is a kind-hearted person who puts her students first. She always asks how her students are doing, and she would go out of her way to help a student in need. I also appreciate Mr. Lothrop and Ms. Morris.

Phyllis VanHorn: I so appreciate all of the teachers at Turrill. In particular, Bridgette and Dave Chaffin and Ellen Powers. Awesome teachers and a pleasure to work with. Also, a shout out to Wendy Hellner who is one of the best to work with!

Alison Scott-Nichols: It would have to be Michael Supernault. He made me love science and believe that I could do anything if I worked hard enough! Isn’t that what every great teacher does?
Geri Bonesteel: We have been very lucky with getting all excellent teachers. One of my daughter’s favorites is Talia Leonard at Lynch!
April LaBar: Every teacher, administrator, secretary and parapro at Murphy Elementary. Hands down, the most wonderful group of people I’ve ever been blessed to meet and get to know, and to teach my children.
Sharon Sypula-Butler: Ms. Amy Murphy! Lapeer High!
Peyton Bailey: Wyatt Stevens, Bethany Shemanski, Mr. Hundt and Mrs. Fenner are some!!
Jessica Robinson: Mrs. Bridgette Chaffin at Turrill. She really did something for my daughter last year that I didn’t even know she needed! She loves school now and is starting to find her niche! Also, Kathy Manchester at Turrill because she was wonderful to me and my passions in high school and continues to do the same to both my girls at school. We appreciate you!!!!!
Leeann Marie Smith: Ms. Forgione had both of my sons with disabilities and she was wonderful. My boys absolutely loved her and she took great care of their special needs.
Shannon Wicks Card: Mr. Lothrop for all his hard work with NJHS and Future Problem Solvers! Ms. Cindy Morris makes every student feel important and she shows each student the best way for each to excel!
Carly Bond: Mrs. Wilcox! She was my math teacher for three years and she had a huge impact on my love of math and now I’m studying engineering at Kettering. I can’t thank her enough for being such an awesome teacher.
Michelle Asaro: Mrs. Robb at Schickler is an amazing kindergarten teacher. My daughter also loves Mrs. Turner there. I am lucky enough to still see two of my favorite Mrs. Shelly Hill, and Mr. Burns. Mrs. Cheryl Burnside and Mrs. JoAnn Jaroszynski Royce top that list too!!
Katrina Davis: Mrs. Delcampo at Rolland Warner in the GSRP program! She’s amazing!!
Marty Wilson: Mr. and Mrs Hundt and Mrs. Fenner are awesome teachers who show a lot of passion.

Steve Beck: I appreciate Denise Herwaldt (concert master) for teaching me the correct way to play the violin.

Pam LaFoy: My two children both loved Ms. Kopchick at Murphy. She has a passion for teaching and will put in the extra effort with students if needed.
Paula Ann: Daryl DeBano was my 7th grade English teacher and inspired me all through my life and Carol Tate Curran– carpe diem!
Erin Wickman: Going old school lol! Thank you Mr. Kirkpatrick and Mr. James, both from West! I learned so much from both. Never boring!!
Annette Price: One of my favorites was Michael Supernault. Most awesome science teacher ever….
Jordan Anthony: I appreciate my mom for teaching my brother and I!!!
Kim Gunzenhauser Barker: Mrs. Niki Kirkpatrick retired teacher from West/Summer made a real impact on my oldest daughter. Mrs. Palmer aka “Mama Palmer” gave her a love of history. Mr. Knickerbocker and Mr. Novak and so many more have had a wonderful impact on all three of my kids.
Christie Fitzgerald Smith: Michael Supernault … because, to this day, I can’t take a walk with my dogs without looking — closely — at the beauty surrounding me.
Susan Higgins Jasmund: Ellen Powers and Bethany Shemanski for the love and patience that they give to their students.
Lyniece Fenner: Thank you so much LCS! This post made my day!!!!
Susan Wizinsky: I don’t think I can limit to just one LCS teacher. I will say Mrs.Fenner started my daughter on trumpet and led her down a great path as Mrs. Hundt, Mr. Hundt, Mrs. Liley, and Mrs. Fenner (again) guided her along the way. My younger daughter is now on the same musical road with her horn thanks to Mrs. Liley and Mrs. Hundt. Our music staff alone makes the LCS a great place to learn and grow!
Joyce Tripp: Cindy Morris. She loves her kids and is an excellent teacher!!
Nicole Webb Badyrka: Mrs. Emily Kaye Hawkins early fives at Turrill! Mrs. Hawkins has been an amazing first year teacher for my son! My husband and I are very thankful for the compassion she has shown our son!
Bethanie Ritzman: Mrs White Kindergarten teachr at Turrill. She has worked with my 5 year old daughter and she’s making great Progress!!!

Bradly Haggadone: Shelly Hill was by far the best at Lapeer West while I was there. She genuinely cared for her students and had that distinct fire and passion for her profession.

Renee Shrontz: Mrs Badyrka kindergarten at Turrill, she’s been so supportive and has given my little one a great first year! I am partial to ALL of Turrill teachers, support staff and Mr.J! I hope they are all enjoying their teacher appreciation week OFF!

Michael Supernault: Judy Weaver and Miss Shaffer from long ago.

Martha Clor: It would not be fair to name just one. My kid had so many wonderful teachers. All of the Elba – Seaton teacher were great and all the way through Lapeer Schools. Thank you for the great education they received!
Jenna Love Parsons: All of the Murphy teachers!!!! As well as the office staff! They are all fantastic and love those kids big time! They have such a heart for education and take the time to make sure the kids needs are met!
Wendy Hellner: I appreciate the dedication and kindness of Phyllis VanHorn, at Turrill Elementary. There are many fabulous teachers in the district, but I am blessed to work with her every day.
Heidi Lyons:I appreciate Crystal Woodley, Tami Curry and Talia Leonard for everything they have done for my daughter and myself … with a very special “thank you” to Cori Lomerson for being so wonderful! All teachers at Lynch.
Lacey Lawson:Ms. Morris at Mayfield. She is just the best and she really cares for her students.
Heather Collett:There have been many teachers that my kids have had!! Thanks to all!! This is one job I could not do!!

Monica Kinnie:Mrs. Schons (3rd grade Elva Lynch elementary) we have been blessed to have her for two years. She is an amazing teacher and so caring. We love her.

Judy Colgrove-Piontkowski: There are too many to name. My kids, Steve, Lauren and Dave, had wonderful caring teachers at Lapeer East. I don’t want to even begin to name them all for fear I would leave someone out. I thank all of them for the great education they provided my kids!

Kristine Racknor:Ms Liley! She also has a passion for the younger bands! Went to State festival with her and her bands are just AMAZING. They have an awesome leader!

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  1. We love Mrs. Nichols, our boy has made tremendous progress this year, also Mrs Norman helped him so much with the speech,we alo loved Ms Mason last year.

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