Zemmer talent show a rousing success in 2015

P1060601From Lisa Bjork at the Zemmer Campus:

The Zemmer Talent Show was a huge success this year! The 90-minute show was made up of 11 fantastic musical acts consisting of beatboxing, singing, drumming and four rock ‘n’ roll bands. Our emcee was hilarious! Here are a few comments I heard from parents:
“The best talent show ever!”
“We never had talent shows like this when we were kids.”
“I can’t imagine any of my teachers being in a band.”
“The kids were amazing!”

There was a tremendous amount of student involvement behind the scenes as well. A special thanks to the teacher coordinators, Marcie Clem, Deb Barber from DB’s LIVE Music School, and Patrick Lothrop for concessions. Proceeds from the night benefited PBIS and PLTW programs at Zemmer and Rolland Warner.

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