District Band Festival information for LHS, Zemmer

The Zemmer and LHS Bands will be performing at District Band Festival the next two Fridays.

Zemmer 9th grade bands perform at Flint Carman-Ainsworth High School on Friday, February 27; performance times as follows:
4:25 pm   Zemmer 9th grade Concert Band
7:35 pm   Zemmer 9th grade Symphony Band

Zemmer 8th grade bands and the LHS bands perform at Flushing High School on Friday, March 6, with the following performance times:
4:25 pm   Zemmer 8th grade Concert Band
5:45 pm   LHS Concert Band
6:55 pm   Zemmer 8th grade Symphony Band
7:55 pm   LHS Symphony Band
9:30 pm   LHS WInd Ensemble

The public is invited and encouraged to attend these performances.

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