Lapeer Community Schools Hosts College Application Week November 4-8

Lapeer Community Schools (LCS) is challenging students to pursue educational and career related opportunities, to plan for their postsecondary education at a university or college, a community college, a trade school or a career institute and to earn college credits while in high school through Advanced Placement testing and Dual Enrollment.

With that said, LCS is proud to host College Application Week November 4-8 at Lapeer East, Lapeer West, and Lapeer Community High Schools.

Representatives from colleges and the community will be presenting information and talking with students about their future plans.

Seniors will be applying online throughout the week under the supervision of high school counselors, teachers, staff as well as parents and community members.

Many seniors will have already applied to colleges earlier in September and October, and this will be an opportunity for them to hear the college and counselor presentations on financial aid and scholarships, admissions, academic programs and extra-curricular opportunities.

Additionally, College Planning Consultant, Frank Bernier will present College Planning 101, Wednesday evening, November 6 at 6 P.M in the Lapeer East auditorium.  This workshop helps parents and students navigate the college planning process.

Today, nearly every good job requires some post-secondary education and/or training (e.g., an associates or bachelors degree, a certificate, an apprenticeship or significant on-the-job training).  LCS is committed to preparing students to compete for good jobs in the global economy.  More education is generally equated with higher earnings.

What should seniors do to prepare for College Application Week?

  1. Explore Postsecondary Schools:  Consider admission requirements (ACT/GPA), size, location and environment, majors, cost, and activities. LCS students are familiar with in gathering this information.
  2. Identify Application Fees:  Many colleges require an application fee, and some of them will waive the fee during this week.  School counselors will assist with fee waivers for eligible students.
  3. Essays and Personal Statements:  Yes, some schools will require these.  Essays saved on a flash drive can be uploaded at the time of application.
  4. Seek out the college’s website and review the application ahead of time.
  5. Personal Information:  mailing address and county of residence, social security and drivers license numbers.
  6. Academic Information: Students set up an account and request their transcript of grades and test scores through
  7. Extracurricular, Honors, Employment Information.

Helpful Resources:,  Financial aid eligibility can be estimated on the Fafsa4caster.

The Lapeer Community Scholarship and Student Loan Fund awards low interest loans to Lapeer graduates who are enrolled in college, trade schools and certificate programs.  More information can be found at

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