LCS making accident insurance coverage available

lcs new logoLapeer Community Schools is making accident insurance coverage available to reimburse families for medical expenses for injuries that their student may suffer while at school district facilities. Depending upon your family’s circumstances, this may be something worth seriously considering. Athletic injuries to students at our schools requiring medical treatment have been relatively infrequent. However, they could result in financial hardship for families who either have no insurance or have large co-pays and deductibles.

The district insurance program provides liability coverage but not voluntary medical payments. This means that unless the district is liable for a student’s injury, that the district’s insurance would not provide coverage to injured students. (Under Michigan Law the liability of schools and other public entities is limited by governmental immunity.)

The available choices include 24-hour-a-day coverage or at-school coverage (both with or without sports).

There are options for grades 9-12 football and extended dental. The accident insurance being offered operates irrespective

of liability; so your family may find the relatively small cost of this coverage provides a preferable approach by which to handle the risk. If you are interested in this insurance, contact your school building secretary for more information and forms.

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