November 5: Non-Homestead Millage Renewal ballot language

lcs new logoOn November 5, 2013, voters within the boundaries of Lapeer Community Schools will be asked to vote on a proposal to renew the long-standing millage levied on non-homestead property (industrial, commercial, business, rental and second homes) for a time frame of five years (2014-2018). This millage is required by the State Constitution (Proposal A) in order for the District to receive its entire State school funding amount.

This proposal does not affect the taxes of owner-occupied primary residences. For the average homeowner who does not own a business, rental property, summer home, etc., the millage renewal will come at no cost.

The ballot language will read as follows:


This proposal would renew the existing authority of the Lapeer Community Schools (District) to (i) levy mills on non-homestead property (industrial real property and certain commercial property and rental and seasonal homes) for general operating purposes which expire with the 2013 levy, (ii) allow the District to continue to levy 18 mills in the event of future Headlee rollbacks of up to three mills. The authorization will allow the District to continue to receive revenues at the full foundation allowance permitted by the State. Under existing law, the District will levy no more than 18 mills on non-homestead property. Owner occupied homes and qualified agricultural property are exempt from this levy.

As a renewal of authorization which expires with the 2013 levy, shall the limitation on the amount of tax upon taxable non-homestead property in the Lapeer Community Schools, Lapeer County, Michigan be increased by 21.00 mills ($21.00 per $1,000 of taxable value) for five (5) years, the years 2014 to 2018, inclusive, to provide funds for operating expenses of the District? If approved, this millage would raise an estimated $6.2 million for the District in 2014.

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