Rolland-Warner staff and students get spirited on Spirit Day

Rolland-Warner Middle School staff.
Rolland-Warner Middle School staff.

On the first delayed-start day of the 2013-14 school year, a very spirited staff at Rolland Warner Middle School participated in an organized Spirit Day, celebrating the contributions of Doris Rolland and her student endowment fund. The purpose for the celebration was to raise money to add to the endowment and support Mrs. Rolland and her generous gift to R-W students. Staff donated $5 to participate in a spirit contest, with the winner receiving a very creative and fun Spirit Award to display in their classroom. Ninety-nine percent of the staff participated and dressed in their RW finest, but Mrs. DuAnne Cook walked away with the award!  

A big THANK YOU to those who organized this worthy cause!


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