Lisa Bjork’s class at Zemmer Middle School participates in Flint River and Community Clean-up

frwcLisa Bjork’s seventh grade spring service learning class at Zemmer Middle School participated in the Flint River and Community Clean-up last Saturday, April 27, at Cramton Park in Lapeer.  All 18 students woke up early on the weekend to assist the Flint River Watershed Coalition collect trash for three hours along Farmers Creek that flows into the Flint River.

Students were up to their ankles in mud from all the recent rain and managed to collect over 20 bags of trash, a television, 2 tires, a complete volleyball set including the volleyball, and a section of a furnace.  In all, 72 people participated in the clean-up from schools around the county and were treated to lunch after the work was done. This clean-up was part of our Environmental Hero Project which has included lessons on plastic water bottles, watersheds, and conserving energy.

Great job students!

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