Lapeer County Community Foundation grants funds to Rolland-Warner for outdoor education

LAPEER, Michigan — The Board of Trustees of the Lapeer County Community Foundation recently authorized a grant in the amount of $12,000 to Lapeer Community Schools to provide two outdoor pavilions at Rolland-Warner Middle School to facilitate the school’s burgeoning outdoor education program.

In the past two years, the Lapeer Outdoor Club at Rolland-Warner has grown exponentially due, in large part, to the success of its unique Bee Club. Special Education teacher Mike Wiltse, director of the Outdoor Club, said the grant will open new opportunities for students at all levels.

“I believe success at Rolland-Warner should not be measured as an end point, rather than a journey,” Wiltse said.

Wiltse points out that Rolland-Warner’s journey started when the community decided to name the school after two prominent members, Doris Rolland and Ronald Warner. Through a partnership with the Lapeer County Community Foundation in the form of a grant, he is confident that students will have their educational opportunities expanded.

“This will keep us on course with the mandate Doris Rolland gave us, to ‘make Rolland-Warner into one of Michigan’s premier middle schools,’” he said.

LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie said Rolland-Warner’s programming is a natural outgrowth not just of a community that loves the outdoors, but of a school perfectly adapted to it.

“There may not be another school in Michigan better-equipped to offer educational opportunities outdoors,” Wandrie said. “We are so grateful for this generous gift that will help us build upon the excitement that the Lapeer Outdoor Club has already generated.”

The Lapeer County Community Foundation provides grants that enhance the quality of life in Lapeer County.  The Foundation manages endowments totaling over $8 million in 59 funds for a wide range of charitable purposes.

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