Rolland-Warner McTeacher’s Night a great success

ImageThe students and staff at Rolland-Warner would like to thank all of the families who attended McTeacher ‘s night at the M-24 McDonalds location Thursday night.  McTeacher’s night is a great way for staff, students, and families to interact and have an enjoyable evening while raising money.

Thanks to the Lapeer community, over $500 was raised for the R-W Washington D.C. Scholarship fund.

The following members of the staff took part in the fundraising event: 

Sixth grade teachers:  Mrs. Burris, Mrs. Duanne Cook,

Seventh grade teachers:  Mrs. Castillo,  Mrs. Gannon, Mrs. Thomas

Eighth grade teachers:  Mrs. Melissa Campbell, Mrs. Prill, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Sweeney, and Mrs. Wolfer.

Office staff:  Mrs. Jackie Dean

To learn more about either donating money to the DC Scholarship Fund or if you are willing to sponsor an 8th grade student on this exciting educational opportunity, please contact Sally Wolfer at Rolland-Warner Middle School.

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