Zemmer NJHS students create first Ghosts of Zemmer Haunted House

Zemmer National Junior Honor Society students certainly know how to create quite a scare.  On Saturday, October 13th, over forty NJHS students, with some parental help, gave Zemmer a spooky overhaul by creating the first Ghosts of Zemmer Haunted House.  Groups of elementary aged and middle school students were given ‘tours’ by zombie nurses who treated kids to screaming ghosts, zombies, and a truly insane library asylum that scared the covers off the books, and the pants off the visitors.

All proceeds went to support Stone Soup Kitchen Pantry of Lapeer.

“We wanted to do something to support a local cause and at the same time do something that was fun and entertaining for kids,” said Juliana Sornig, NJHS president.

Many of the visitors thoroughly enjoyed the terrifying experience.  One student, Emerson Waite, a Zemmer 6th grader, said, “It was scary, but it was still fun at the same time.  I was trembling when I went in because I am kind of scared of haunted houses, but I went in anyways.  The middle part with the insane library asylum was the scariest – I couldn’t wait to get out – but I still left smiling.”

The four-hour event was a huge success as they raised $559 for Stone Soup Food Pantry.

“We are extremely proud of the NJHS students and their parents for helping to put on such a great event and helping a local community cause,” said Mrs. Johnson, co-sponsor of the NJHS.

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