NBC 25’s Joel Feick visits Turrill Elementary

Joel Feick from NBC 25 spent some time with students Monday afternoon at Turrill Elementary. The station will air a feature story on year-round schooling next month.

NBC 25 anchor/reporter Joel Feick paid a visit to Turrill Elementary on Monday morning. Feick is working on a feature story on year-round schooling that will air in November.

Feick interviewed LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie and Turrill Elementary Principal Ken Janczarek. Both took the opportunity to express their excitement about the new year-round school at Turrill and the great feedback received since it opened in August. They were also able to share some new (and very encouraging) student achievement data.

The feature will air on November 1st at 6 p.m.

Thank you to Joel Feick and NBC 25 for letting us do a little show and tell with one of our new points of pride.

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