Rolland-Warner teacher reminds staff about energy-saving top 10 list

David Sweeney, a teacher at Rolland-Warner Middle School and a member of the District’s Energy Essentials Committee, sent an e-mail to the R-W staff about ways to save energy in the classroom.

Sweeney and other members of the staff compiled a top 10 list for energy-savings last school year:

  • 1.) Lights off in classrooms, lounge, gym, café, and restrooms when not in use.
  • 2.) Use natural light when possible.
  • 3.) Use only one set of lights if room/hall has more than one.
  • 4.) Monitor lighting in parking lots.
  • 5.) Use power strips for electrical devices (pencil sharpeners, lamps, document cameras, sound systems, etc), and shut off at end of day.
  • 6.) All computer/printer/projectors turned off when not in use and at end of day.
  • 7.) Manually turn monitors off or use sleep mode during day when not in use.
  • 8.) Assign caretakers (students) to monitor computers in shared space at end of day.
  • 9.) Temperature control devices monitored and adjusted.
  • 10.) Use of window shades to admit or reduce solar heat.

Many parts of R-W’s list are pertinent to all of our buildings. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Sweeney!

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