LCS Board of Education approves contracts with wage reduction

Following ratification, by AFSCME representing the custodians of Lapeer Community Schools and SEIU representing District mechanics, the Board of Education voted unanimously to approve both contracts at the June 5, 2012 Regular meeting.

The centerpiece of each agreement is an 8.7% wage reduction effective July 1, 2012.

“The district has a demonstrated commitment to improving student programming, establishing fiscal accountability and maintaining the current fund equity,” said district superintendent Matt Wandrie.

In approving these agreements, the Board commends both units for partnering with the District in achieving those stated goals.

Wandrie further commented that “our district is willing to make the tough choices in defense of student programming.  We are so proud of our employees for meeting the financial challenges we face with a spirit of teamwork and resolve.  These agreements are proof positive that the collective bargaining process can yield quality results.  While we’re certainly saddened to have to ask so much of our employees, we are fortified in our common mission – to do whatever it takes for the students of this community.”

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5 thoughts on “LCS Board of Education approves contracts with wage reduction

  1. Thank you all employees for your commitment to the children of our district!! As a parent, I would like to challenge all parents with the spirit of teamwork, to volunteer in our schools to do whatever it takes for our students!! If we all work together, what a wonderful example that would be for all the children!

  2. I did not know that LCS was in a deficit. Can the public know the exact reason for these cuts? Are administration and the Superintendent taking a paycut as well?

  3. Every employee is taking an 8.7% wage reduction effective July 1, 2012? That would include all teachers, superintendents, administration, counselors, secretaries, special ed?

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