West’s Megan Verbeke selected to attend Ivy League program

Junior Megan Verbeke, Lapeer West High School.
Megan Verbeke, a junior at Lapeer West High School, has been selected to attend Cornell University’s 3-week program Body, Mind and Health. In this highly-competitive program Megan will earn credits for college and, according to the program guidelines, will:

  • explore the fascinating past, present, and future of health and medicine in the United States;
  • examine the ways in which medicine and its practitioners have impacted—and been impacted by—American social, political, cultural, and economic developments;
  • build a solid base of knowledge for enriching your own perspective as a future health or medical professional; and
  • gain a semester’s worth of experience with college-level work.

Megan’s acceptance to the program would not have been possible without the hard work and attention to detail of Karol Settergren, a counselor at West. In addition, Megan received several excellent letters of recommendation from teachers at West.

This is no small accomplishment, as this program selects students from a very large and diverse pool of applicants from across the country and around the world.

Congratulations Megan!

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