Another impressive showing for Lapeer East High School in a national publication

Another week, another impressive showing for Lapeer East High School in a national publication. East Principal Scott Roper reported this morning that Lapeer East High schools ranks 29th out of 826 Michigan High Schools and among the Top 8% of high schools nationwide for the High School Challenge Ranking according to the Washington Post.

The High School Challenge is based on the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certificate of Education Tests given at a school each year and divided by the number of seniors graduating.  The Challenge Index is designed to identify those schools that have done the best job of encouraging students to take college-level courses and tests.

The ranking represents the former Newsweek Ranking which has now migrated to the Washington Post.

Last week, U.S. News & World Report ranked East in Michigan’s top 50.

Roper credited his staff for tirelessly encouraging students to consider the benefits of participating in college-level courses and examinations. He also had a special message for students and East’s AP Coordinator Dr. Hobolth:

Congratulations to all of our AP Students who have taken the challenge and made the commitment to include increased rigor in their high school schedule.  Special thanks to Dr. Mike Hobolth who does a tremendous job coordinating our Advanced Placement program.  In addition, Dr. Hobolth is also responsible for facilitating and hosting a top notch AP Summer Institute for teachers across Michigan here at Lapeer East. 

Kudos to students, staff and everyone else involved in making East a great school!

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